Mission Statement

 Our Purpose

We strive to bring fun, literature, and creativity back into a world where teenagers and adults are learning slang and becoming lost in virtual realities that deny the creative use of their minds and the written word. We believe that everyone should be given a chance to explore more of the traditional literature that we were given to read and learn as part of our educational upbringing, before the internet became more integrated into our every day lives.

As our world becomes more digital our society is becoming less inclined to remember the importance of creativity, proper grammar, and spelling. We feel that language and writing can still be important even online, and that the greatest books from decades and centuries past are still alive and even more vivid than before, they will never be forgotten.

Our Goals

We want to bring classic literature back into our collective lives by infusing popular culture into our unique interactive stories. To bring back a sense of confidence and community, we encourage the use of journals and an internal social network where members are able to express their true feelings about their lives in a safe environment.

We assemble guardians to help teach new players how to integrate back into literature by coaching creativity, collaboration, proper spelling and grammar structure, by involving themselves in the posts of our members.

Our Principles & Beliefs

Hogwarts by Night values Community, Respect for others, Competence, Cooperation, Diversity, Encouraging Creativity, and Fun. We have helpful and patient guardians who encourage creative values and bring Leadership skills into the membership. We aim to help Adults and Teenagers improve their confidence in creative writing skills.