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Changeling: The Dreaming


The Seelie Court have a reputation as the guardians of fae traditions. They are the peacekeepers, protectors of the weak, and the ideals of chivalry. Most Seelie seek the reunion between the mortal world and the Dreaming, and would like to be back to the time before the realms became divided.


The Unseelie Court style themselves as mockers of those traditions venerated by the Seelie. They stand for the principles of constant change and impulsive action. They have a reputation for fostering war and madness, despising those weaker than themselves, and valuing freedom and wildness over any code of chivalry.

How to Create a Changeling

  1. Pick One Kith and One Art from The White Wolf Changeling Wiki & ART (CTD) Wiki. This is the ability that you will have in the game. You can learn different kinds from different changelings as you interact with them and earn their trust.
  2. Choose if you will be Seelie or Unseelie.
  3. Decide what your mundane (normal person) seeming appearance looks like and what your Kith (Dreaming) fae mien appearance looks like when you reveal your 'truth self' to others.

Characters are half-human, half-fairy changelings. Cut off from Arcadia, not quite of this Earth, these changelings are torn between their human and fae natures. If the two natures aren't balanced, the results may be disastrous.

The Dreaming, and the spark of inspiration changelings need to live, are fading. Faced with an increasingly cold and hostile world, they must do whatever they can to preserve both the Dreaming and themselves.

Why only Seelie/Unseelie, 1 Kith and 1 Art?

 To the point: Simplicity.

There is no history or motive behind why they only have one Art power each. It is as it always has been in this world. We want this game to be as simple and as basic as possible. Each kith still has its personality traits and intrigue, they have just been narrowed down into a very easy to understand essence.

Tangled Tales is not about a violent power grab, it is strongly about social and political manoeuvres. Characters decide through personality and the impressions made by other kindred to decide amongst themselves who is in charge. 

Important Note: There is no 'Masquerade' inside Lovecraft Country, that doesn't mean there isn't consequences to your actions... The masquerade must be followed if you leave 'The Sanctuary's boundaries.