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Game Setting

Tangled Worlds setting takes place in the fictional region called 'Lovecraft Country' as written by the works of H.P. Lovecraft; it comprises of Kingsport Mass (our main location), Arkham, Dunwhich and Innsmouth. It is often described as a place where dreamers and the supernatural come together through the thinning of the veils between worlds. Perfect locations to become a melting pot of some... unusual characters. The stories are written by you, unscripted, spontaneous and self-driven.

The International Wizarding Council decided to make it a 'supernatural sanctuary' due to too many supernatural occurrences constantly happening in the region. Therefore was easier to make it a private and protected area than rid it entirely off of the map. The region itself has the traditional history of witch trials common to the areas sprinkled all around Massachusetts. 

Sanctuary Established: August 20th, 1890

Year/Date: Current Day

Sunrise: 6:23am

Sunset: 7:13pm


 Darkness vs Light, Eccentricity, Personal and Social Conflicts, Understanding of ones inner obscurities and strengths.


Tangled Worlds is exactly what is on the label. It is a mixture of cultures, both human and non-human. It takes place in a city that has been long covered over by the Ministry of Magic as an oasis for the eccentric and weird. 90% of the Residents are labelled as 'Magical Muggles' and the City is protected as a pseudo 'magical sanctuary'. The Masquerade does not exist here as all things supernatural are contained to the City. Mundanes are a rarity, those who enter the city are magically bound to keep its secrets simply by crossing the border.

It is entirely possible to leave Lovecraft Country and travel to other parts of the world. However, anyone who travels finds it impossible to talk about where they came from until they re-enter its boundaries again.

What happens in Lovecraft Country, stays in Lovecraft Country.

Integration of RPG's

Vampire: The Masquerade, Changeling: The Dreaming, Call of Cthulhu etc... these games are re-imagined and will be broken down into simple game concepts to not over complicate the game. The essence of Tangled Worlds is social and we strive to not emphasise powers and abilities. What you see on the website is what is available, no more and no less with the exception of 'Misc Concepts'.

The core reason these Tales work together is all due to a common ground called 'The Masquerade'. In the past all of these societies have sought to prevent normal un-magical mortals from knowing 'The Truth'. The ministry of magic (Based on Rowlings 'Magical World') set up a common and safe ground where everyone can be themselves without fear.