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House Rules & Code of Conduct

  • "Real Life First" / "Drama Free Zone" - No means No, do not pester others to play with you. Respect each other.
  • Communication resolves 99% of problems and miscommunication, talk to each other first.
  • Underage players are forbidden to engage in inappropriate RP.
  • Character Cap: 3. Characters are forbidden to directly or indirectly interact with each other. Conflict of interest can become a very serious issue very quickly. If in doubt, find a way out.
  • All actions have consequences, while death is rare and unlikely it is not out of bounds for characters to be killed or removed from play for ignoring hints and warnings to stay away. Play maturely and smartly.
  • Please do not write with bright colours, this is reserved for Moderator use.
  • Moderators have final authority over issues or situations in the game.
  • If you are angry, take '24 hours' to think about the situation, then return to us. Don't burn your bridges.
  • Never, Ever, post personal info on our site. Real Life and Privacy always come first!

Supernatural Interactions

  • The vampires bite 'kiss' does not create ecstasy, it is not sensual in our game. It simply lulls the victim immobile and into a mind 'fog' that makes it hard to remember happening.
  • If you are bitten by a Vampire you are turned into one and lose any magical powers you had. ie: Wizards are no longer wizards and wands stop working etc... when in doubt, ask for clarification before making a hard decision. This does not affect Mythos Lore or Magic as it is 'external' in nature.
  • Exposure and use of Cthulhu Mythos and magic has the same affect on all characters regardless of type. It will erode your mind over time and causes sanity loss. Role-Play these effects accordingly please. ALL characters can learn to use Mythos spells/lore (as long as it isn't world ending for the game).
  • Within 'Lovecraft Country' there is no Masquerade as it is a protected location by the Ministry of Magic where all types of beings can be 'themselves'. Still, err on the side of caution and try not to freak out the mundanes, ie: Mortal Based Characters. Use sense.

Optional Game Combat Resolution (Simplified)

20 Sided Dice Recommended - Rolling is not mandatory if players work out the resolution on their own.

  • Determine who goes first (Roll for Highest Number if stuck)
  • State Action, Roll Dice. If 10 or Below (You Succeed), If 10 or Above (You Fail)
  • Damage: 1d6 - Assume everyone starts with a Health of 30 and Role-Play how hurt you are as your health number drops. 
  • Health Reaches 0 = Unconscious
  • Health Reaches -10 = Dead

18+ Role-Play & Child Characters

Absolutely no players under the age of 18 are allowed to engage in any activities that are inappropriate. This is for our site and players protection. There will be an opportunity to prove you are over the age of 18 if necessary. When in doubt, fade to black. For this reason all characters must be of an adult age in our game for everyone's safety and reputation. We do not endorse scenes of a sexual nature, keep it off the board. What you do in private is your own business.