Live RPG Chat

TWRPG uses DISCORD Live Chat as part of its active community. Our rooms are available 24-7 for conversation and everyone is welcome to drop in and say hello. The rules for DISCORD are simple.

1) Do not DM Moderators about game issues unless they say it is ok to do so. They just want to chill sometimes too.

2) Keep the chat for at least PG16. There may be teenagers around and we want our chatroom to be a safe place.

3) Be Respectful at all times, to everyone. We may not always get along, but we can be civil and polite.

4) Our server is shared with and we are friends, not competition. Play one or both boards, it does not matter as long as you are having fun!

5) If you are comfortable, please have your setting to show you are online so someone knows friends are available to chat with.