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Submit a Character

Once you have gotten together a character you can submit it to our message board through our application form. Before you submit it we recommend you look over the application form and make sure that you have everything saved into a text file before publishing it to the forum for approval.

The most important factors people often are ignore are:

  •  A player name/nickname is required for record keeping.
  • Natural affinities are what are you naturally good at.
  • Vulnerabilities/Weaknesses are required to be listed (we're all vulnerable to something) .
  • Character Histories are 300+ words in length.
  • Be sure to write a detailed character appearance and personality.

These help to round out the character, if not everything is clear enough we'll ask you to add on to the character so it all comes together. For fields that don't apply to you write 'NA'.

Click below to see what we need to know about the character before submitting it for approval. Use the same form/page when you are ready to submit.