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Vampire: The Masquerade

Vampire Lore: The vampires in our game are based off of very obscure and brief encounters described in the Harry Potter Series by J.k. Rowling. They have always existed as 'magical creatures' now referred to as 'Sentient Beings'. The V:TM history, generations and lore do not apply to our game, at all. The vampires of the Magical World have adopted the personalities and abilities over time to tell one another apart via a clan system.

Clan Toreador

The Toreador are a clan of vampires known for being some of the most beautiful, sensual, seductive, emotional and glamorous of the Kindred.

  • Power: Presence

Presence makes the vampire become the center of attention. They appear as fascinating, seductive, or intimidating to those in close vicinity.

Clan Ventrue

The Ventrue have long been one of the proudest lines of vampires. Its members work hard to maintain a reputation for honour, genteel behaviour, and leadership.

  • Power: Dominate

Dominate is the ability to command another through direct eye contact and clear commands. Using this power is considered heavy handed and is frowned upon in polite society. It cannot force someone to be self-destructive or deny their nature.

Clan Gangrel

Nomads who hold closer ties to the wild places than most of their city-bound cousins, they are also closer to the animal aspect of the Beast

  • Power: Protean

Protean is the ability to communicate telepathically with animals you have eye contact with. You can summon, sooth or even posses the body of an animal. See in the dark, grow claws and even meld into the earth.

Clan Nosferatu

The Nosferatu are the spymasters of the dead, collecting information and selling it for a dear price. They are also the masters of the underground, living in the sewers for protection.

  • Power: Obfuscate

Obfuscate is the source of legends surrounding the ability of vampires to vanish and appear seemingly from nowhere. As it is a manipulation of minds it will not work on technology such as sensors etc...

Clan Brujah

Quick to anger and always passionate, they have been regaining their position as a clan of lofty philosophers and activists and are often pointed to as a clan of unruly rebels and roughnecks that should not be messed with.

  • Power: Potence

Potence allows vampires to leap great distances, lift massive weights, and strike opponents with terrifying force. This power can even leave finger imprints in solid steel.

Trading Powers

Each Clan is capable of learning 'all of the powers' from one another. It must be done through role-play and with a good reason to get it.

To begin play you will only have the one power designated to your clan.

Why only 5 Clans and 1 power?

 To the point: Simplicity.

There is no history or motive behind why there are only five clans and why they only have one power each. It is as it always has been in this world. We want this game to be as simple and as basic as possible. Each clan still has its personality traits and intrigue, they have just been narrowed down into a very easy to understand essence.

Tangled Tales is not about a violent power grab, it is strongly about social and political manoeuvres. Characters decide through personality and the impressions made by other kindred to decide amongst themselves who is in charge. 

Important Note: There is no 'Masquerade' inside Lovecraft Country, that doesn't mean there isn't consequences to your actions... The masquerade must be followed if you leave 'The Sanctuary's boundaries.