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Wizarding World, Werewolves, and Ghosts


  • Adult Witch/Wizard
  • Ministry Worker
  • Shop Keeper
  • Blood: Full/Half/Squib

These characters are stereotypical of the Magical World of Harry Potter. We recommend making an adult character as it will be easier to be 'out and about' when in play. 

* To be fair to the other characters, we do not allow Wandless Magic, Metamorphmagus, or Animagus.

Please Refer to the HBN Spell List to understand what level of magics and potions your character would have access to.


 A werewolf comes into being when a person is bitten by another werewolf. Once this happens, the person must learn to manage the condition. Modern potion-making has come up with a draught called Wolfsbane Potion which controls some of the worst effects of the condition. These types of characters tend to gravitate to one another and form packs that may or may not hunt together on the full moon.

Nothing will completely cure a werewolf, unfortunately. You WILL turn into a werewolf every full moon and only during that time.

* This type of character is only either a mortal with a curse or an afflicted wizard with a curse. Be aware that this is a blood curse.


 Unlike the ghosts in a traditional ghost story, these ghosts are neither frightening nor necessarily ghoulish. Ghosts appear silvery and translucent. They can fly and pass through walls, tables, and other solid objects, but nonetheless have some ability to physically affect, and be affected by, the living world. (Moaning Myrtle, for instance, can splash the water in her toilet).

Ghosts' banquet tables are laden with rotten food, as the decomposition increases their ability to smell and taste it. Touching or walking through a ghost induces a sensation "like walking through an icy shower." Ghosts can be affected by magic and curses, though not to the same degree that living beings can.